Can’t my thesis just write itself?

In a perfect world, the answer to that would be yes. As I sit in front of the computer, telling myself that creating this blog is a perfectly good reason to not finish writing the results section (that is *ahem* TWO days overdue), as was taking a bubble bath and reading an article in Glamour and checking Myspace *twice* and, and, and…I’m beginning to wonder my superhuman ability to procrastinate. Maybe I should be written in to the next X-Men movie…who would play me? I wonder;)

Hmm…maybe I just need to get off my ass and get the ball rolling!

Off to put myself on a contingency…if A then B…if GodAWEFUL results section then blogging at lunch…


3 thoughts on “Can’t my thesis just write itself?

  1. Pondering, in and of itself, becomes procrastination. So, however, does responding to e-mails when 13 reports (requiring approximately 3 hours, apiece, to complete)are due at the end of the school day, tomorrow!:) Thus, a single-subject design on procrastination may lead one to hypothesize at the onset that there is a genetic predisposition to the art-form. Perhaps a dissertation is in the works??:):)

  2. Hmmm!!?!?!?!? Interesting analysis…predisposition? Could stem off into a nature/nurture is it learned through modeling or is there a procrastination gene?

    My guess is that we will never know, or will know eventually (after deadline) because something else (besides what HAS to be done) is alway much much more pressing!!!

    Dorkiness, however, I am convinced is genetic.

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