Contingencies don’t work…

…if you know that you are on them and are the only one that keeps you on it. That’s what I’ve determined. Following a full day of sitting around and doing nothing, but getting a lot done, I have this feeling of guilt looking at all that I’ve done, knowing that I could’ve done more. Funny how that works eh?

One day closer to being able to leave here, degree in hand…so all in all it’s been a good day. Headed to the grandparents to pick up Echo, I haven’t seen him in over a week and truth be told I kind of miss him. Hopefully he’s been having fun with Scout and grandpa, and not getting in too much trouble. But we all know how lab puppies at almost 2 years old behave. Like 100lb 2 year-old human hellians! Crossing my fingers…

Will post about my most recent trip to VA soon, hopefully have pics to go with it!



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