…oh the insanity…

…officially, what? One week away from TD-Day (total-destruction, tearfully-destroyed, thankfully-done, thiscloseto-dying, thoughtprocess-dead (I KNOW the last two were cheating!), thesis-defense-day), and I am here – waiting for one more of the countless emails that I’ve been sent since my advisor has taken a break (and by break I mean knee surgery in CO, which, I am well aware is not ACTUALLY a break – but bear with me) from Mt. P.

Maybe it’s better this way. Maybe if he were here some vortex of graduate school evil would be created and suck in the entire north end of campus including (one can only hope) the HP. Like Captain Planet, the moods of Teri, Oh, and myself would combine to create a force that none would survive. Maybe I just need sleep. After all – Teri’s couch isn’t the most comfortable for one boarder-line 6 foot. Maybe I just need to eat. Maybe I don’t need to eat, and then my jeans wouldn’t be so tight…

Maybe I need a vacation. Or a new brain, or a dog that isn’t currently chained up outside (because I felt so bad that he hasn’t been able to enjoy the nice weather since I’ve been in the lab so much) in the rain (Murphy’s law…damn).

🙂 Maybe I just need my thesis done. Off for the dog, dinner, and waiting on my edits and emails and sanity to return…hopefully will be back to normal by next week!



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