G.I. Joe…

16 days and counting, then Joe is a free man! At least from TBS anyways!

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Things have been going very well for him down there, but I know that he’s glad to have everything done with. I have strict orders to not have poptarts, pringles, anything resembling lunch meat, or gatorade in the house. Apparently living like your in the dorms isn’t as much fun the second time around! So it looks as if we’re going to have lots of home cooked meals once he gets home, which is fine by me, because I hate my own cooking (though I love to do it) and Joe’s a master at the grill, with anything breakfast, and dessert! It will be nice to be able to just ‘be’ for a little while. A little glimpse of a future life!!!

Until then though, life is going to be hectic! I have things to do for the wedding (including going to Chicago dress shopping), working on the house (although the basement is almost completely clean and the laundry almost all done), and wrapping up the edits on my thesis – which, I should probably get a jump on…

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