It’s been almost 2 months since I have slept in my own bed!

And I am resolved to be better at this whole blog thing, after all, it’s a way for people to keep updated while we’re on the go…

and have we ever been on the go…

Following Joe’s graduation (which, I am resolved to get pictures up pronto…) we came up to Michigan and spent a couple of days in Manistee, enjoying the Fourth of July ritual of burning something with my dad.

Luckily, this year, it was not the lawn (although, I will admit the incident in question involving dry grass and a freak sparkler accident only happened once…but the memory (and jabbing) will last a lifetime!) but the illegal birthday present Joe and I got in Ohio on our way back up from VA.

There’s nothing like fireworks over lake Michigan

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How professionals light fireworks

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And since every year has its’ indcident…

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…that one was a little close for comfort.

It was an awesome time:) Afterwards we went home for a couple of days and hung out with the mut and our slate (as Joe decided that vacation meant laying a patio) and then headed to Florida to check him into NAS (Naval Air Sation) Pensecola. We drove all the way through and arrived around 5:30 in the very early morning. But, as we had rationalized prior, it was wonderful to get up in the morning (er…afternoon) and not have to get in the car again.

If anyone is keeping track: number of hours Nichole was in the car over the course of a week plus change, 12 to VA, 12 back, 6 between Manistee and Edmore trips, 20 plus to FL…ugh.

But…Florida was awesome. Although I honestly think that the Gobi Dessert would have been awesome so long as I was able to retain the same company:) But over the course of the next month we moved Joe in, got used to the surrounding area, shopped, ate, and spent many a lazy hour on the beach perfecting my tan lines! It was hard to leave, very hard. But, I had a dress appointment in Chicago.

I flew into Chi-town Sunday afternoon (wonderful flight, btw) and got to hang out with my Aunt and Uncle as well as Mom and Jorge. Monday morning, we trained into downtown and got to work out at Bruce’s club. Picture this: early morning, just as the workminded-folk in their business-schmuck schlep into the office, and Jorge and I are running on a rooftop track surrounded only by skyscrapers. It was WONDERFUL!

Marshall Fields was everything that I could have ever hoped for in a store…too bad the damn Macy’s stuff if happening. It’s like reliving when Fields took over Hudsons (bastards). Anyways, I am totally in love love love with Lazaro, and have most likely found my dress. I am sold, as well, on bridesmaids…and am looking forward to this weekend! It was wonderful to spend some much needed time with my Mom and Jordanne, and where better than MF?

Trained into Battle Creek this afternoon and helped out at a church outreach program with my grandparents tonight…will be back in my own comfy bed tomorrow night. The small joys of my sheets and down will be short lived, however, as I am back to Chicago for the weekend to meet with Lazaro himself at the trunk show, and (possibly) order my gown;)

And no, I am not going to be putting a link to that!

Goodnight! And will fill in details of the FL trip and graduation and the rest of the insanity that is my life as time permits. As of now? It’s quarter to one in the AM, and I am exhausted!


One thought on “It’s been almost 2 months since I have slept in my own bed!

  1. Macy’s has been trying to dominate for years now – although they do have good product offerings, there is not much to say about customer service except that it sucks (for lack of a better word!).

    By the way, thanks for the link 😉

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