There aren’t enough hours in a day recently…

These last few weeks have been hectic and altogether too busy, but it makes the time fly by, so I can live with it! Amy moved in on Monday to a messy house, but her room was freshly painted (and finished earlier in the moring, nonetheless) and empty (unlike the front closet) so moving seemed to go off without a hitch. I’m still getting used to having someone else in the house (with regards to hearing ‘bumps in the night’ that previously I had been hypersensitive to) but it’s been a lot of fun the last couple of days, and I am looking forward to getting to know her better!

Maria is moving in on Sunday, so the weekend and days leading up to will be busy considering that I have to sort and put away the things that had previously been packed up in both their bedrooms (the basement is filling up!) and I have to paint her bedroom still. At least her ceiling doesn’t have to be done! My shoulders are STILL sore from Amy’s room!

I must admit, though, I am feeling guilty with regards to the state of the house. It is destroyed! And, as is the trick with homes that are small, having a little bit of clutter makes the place look a ton smaller…which will NOT do, especially considering that there are now three girls and Echo in 1100 feet of living space…hmm…

But – my great-grandmothers vanity looks awesome in my room! I was worried about it fitting, but it looks great. Except, now I have to make sure my room is clean, because with the reflection of almost the entire room, it tends to look twice as messy!

I am currently reading Winning the Marriage Marathon, which is recommended reading from the USMC:) (A few months ago Joe called up and said “Hey – I just went to Marriage Counseling”:) I am happy to see that such time is taken by the establishment as a whole to ensure that there is a focus on home life. The book is fine, certainly not anything to run out to the bookstore for, and it gets a little disconcerting to find that I tend to hold traditionally “male” qualities (i.e. competetiveness, ability to adapt to new situations with minimal discomfort, ability to leave friends without loosing my identity…etc) but it does have a good message and the insight of authors who have been married for some time. If you can get past the ‘susie-homemaker’ typecast that is created regarding the typical female (“a woman’s home and belongings are her identity” & “a man’s identity comes from success at his job and praise from others” seriously…wtf, and I am in gradschool for what – shits and giggles???) it’s a decent read.

Also working my way through Romans in the NIV.

Oh, and don’t come to my house any time soon…I’m going through an identity crisis;)

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