Happy Fourth of October!

So life has been a little busy lately. I’ve started up the semester, the wedding is closer, and I still don’t have the edits on my thesis done.

All of this was going to be done this week (much of it anyways) until a certain Marine decided to surprise a certain somebody (hint – me) and come home early!

No complaints:) I would gladly put off a whole bunch of other stuff if it meant being able to spend more time with Joe! We went today and paid for the chappel – so that’s taken care of, liscense renewed (with funny ass-shake to make him laugh during the picture) as well – and BTW, I think we made the day of a certain government employee (poor secretary of state workers – they always seem to be in a bad mood)…I mean, she at least cracked a smile!

Anyways, just thought I would make a quick note, and let the fan base of two people know that yes, we are still alive and well:) Girls dresses came in this week – mine is soon to follow, and just got the BEST recommendation for a photographer from Jules! Will update as time permits…hopefully I will follow up with “Yeah, my thesis is done”…doubting it however…

Hair trial tomorrow!

Deep breaths:)

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