"I think I’m going to wait to shave my legs to see how long the hair gets…"

Not to worry, the above quote is not mine, but my roommates and it made me laugh! And, as a follow-up to her comment (and to keep the banter going) I responded with “Well, I’m not cuddling with you, so it’s fine with me!” Ahhh…maybe you had to be there…

Anyways, just got back from the gym where Amy kicked my ass all over the place, and both of us lost a pound each (hey – only 20 more work outs like that, and I’ll be happy!). There’s something about feeling totally exhausted that makes you proud that you pushed yourself that hard.

Joe’s visit was amazing! Although I don’t think that he really had much of a vacation…our basement tile is now finished, and we have standing walls that closes in the laundry room and creates a cool walk-through closet. He’s really happy with it, and it does look wonderful! And, truth be told, it only took him a few days to complete (so he wasn’t working the entire time). He left yesterday late morning and spent the day in Battle Creek and Marshall with his grandparents and parents (respectively). Even though I hated to see him go, I am happy that he got to spend some time with his family. And besides, we are now on the official count-down to the wedding as well as the unofficial count-down to the time that we won’t have to live away from eachother afterwards (at least not more than a few hours…) so like 11 weeks or something until I join the honored ranks of a Mrs. (and to think, I went to college for behavioral neuroscience/psychology;).

Am day one into a cleansing diet that is supposed to kick my ass and make me feel better (so much better that apparently I will want to be super healthy)…it’s not so bad, although today was jam packed with fruit of all kinds, shapes, and colors…and in order to keep myself entertained I decided to go out on a limb and try Dragon Fruit, which, BTW, is actually a cactus that bloom night flowers up to 14 inches in diameter….

It was okay, I think that it would be much better cold…it was kind of like Kiwi and had a very subtle flavor.

Anyways, should hop in the shower before I gross myself out any more with my nasty post-workout funk:)


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