Pretty slow past couple of days…

Wow – I really did just post that:) Not much has been going on the past couple of days, pretty much wrapping up my thesis, getting ready for graduation, and working on some wedding stuff.

I swear though, that I am still loosing my mind! Poor Echo has been out of food for the last couple of days, it seems that I only remember this fact when it comes time to feed him. So he’s had a diet of scrambled eggs, peanut butter sandwiches, and other leftovers…tonight he joined me for a wonderful spinach/broc raviolli tossed in garlic and olive oil dinner – which I was a bit offended that he scarffed down rather than savoring…after all it’s not often that I make anything other that what can be ordered through a drive through – or over the phone:) Haha. I do feel bad though, because I know how much regular food to feed him, and he’s NEVER gotten people food with us before, so I’ve been erring on the side of too much food so as not to starve the poor dog. He seems rather happy though – I mean – wouldn’t you be? We’ll see how well he does when he returns to veteranary recommended food tomorrow!

Although, I’ve seen him eat paper towel before – so I am sure that we won’t have any problems. So it seems that I am just naturally like this, and not because I am so busy!

Our invitations are going to be in on Friday – and I am way excited about it! This weekend is a Valpo home game, and I am debating as to whether or not to travel for that. Amy is going down to see Trevor, and while I would love to see the game, I would rather not be the third wheel for two days…hmmm.

Next weekend is my little bridesmaids weekend – I am so excited about it! I am trying to come up with some fun things for the girls and the moms to partake in. I mean – they have really been doing a whole lot, and are just overall wonderful – and I wanted to do something fun with them. So hopefully I can get together some ideas that will be fun and exciting! The weekend after that, I will be in Battle Creek for my bridal shower. It’s my first official party – and I am pretty excited about it – I mean, I’ve never had a bridal shower before so it should be pretty fun:) Anyways, it seems that I am unable to get to bed at a decent time. I would call JW, but he has a test tomorrow, so we won’t be doing that:)

Hopefully will update with some wonderful pictures soon! Can’t wait to see what happens – wish Joe was able to enjoy it all with me!


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