The mouse is no longer in the house…

Not that I mind rodents in general, I work with them on a semi-regular basis. But there’s something different about the whole experience when the mouse your dealing with is eating through brand new loafs of bread sitting on your kitchen counter, and not breaking record speed in the Morris Swim Maze…

So yes, for the first time (damn, I knew I should have brought the cats back with me from Manistee) we have a mouse in our house…or rather, had. Maria (which I also find totally hilarious that she, of the three of us, freaked out seeing as how she works in the lab as well) brought back mouse traps the other night and we proceeded to bait and set for a good half hour. Now, if you’ve never set a mouse trap, let me tell you, they are pretty intimidating. There’s just something about holding it open, and trying to get the little hook where it’s supposed to be that makes you act like you’re disarming a nuclear reactor. Well, and to be perfectly honest, it did take us a while to figure out how to set the damn thing…all at once now, “dur dur dur”…

And on a side note, I’ve never seen Maria jump so high as when she accidentally set off the trap as she placed it on the ground. You would have thought the actual mouse came out from under the couch and spoke to her in Ojibewe. Still laughing my ass off over that one!

The first time was unsuccessful, as the little bugger got the peanut butter and ran. The second time however? Not so much. I guess there is something to to said about trying again. I knew success had been, well, had this morning as I awoke to Maria screaming from downstairs, Echo joining in the chorus. And, as you can probably guess, both of us felt horrible, being girls and all, but in the end our bread is now safe.

All together a pretty uneventful weekend, complete with Echo verociously defending “his” house;) The poor poor cable guy, oh well, should know better than to go door to door selling upgrades for landline long-distance.

Things this weekend have proven to be pretty tame thus far, went with Maria to find some cute jeans and came away successfully with not only a cute pair of jeans but a snazzy top (and I got her to try on pink – which looked wonderful on her!). Other than that? Cleaning and hunting…

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