Who knew?

A Marine style workout could kick your butt! In the months and years leading up to the present time, all those associated with graduate school, fastfood, or beer…my waist line (not to mention bum) has unfortunately expanded, much to the dismay of both myself and my mother (who has paid for an absolutely beautiful wedding gown that doesn’t leave much room for error – wishful thinking anyone?)

Unfortunately, my workout program has been lacking in the area of quick results, so I enlisted the help of my future husband (and all around bad-ass when it comes to brutal exercise) and he gave me the best workout I have ever had…

And please, get your mind out of the gutter!!!

Recommended for all those that are willing to endure a thorough ass whopping for the sake of being able to eat (a. cheese, b. dohnuts, c. taco bell, d. all of the above). (And mom – I am just being funny – I promise that I don’t eat any of that!)

This is to be done once/day in order to achieve physical greatness;)

Warm up – 20mns (bike, running, whatever) – I should note that this part of the workout doesn’t count for anything

4 min drill (This had an official name, but truth be told, Joe sounds like he’s stuttering every time he tells me what it is). Basically you squat down with your back and arms straight, touch the ground with your finger tips and come back up. You do as many as you can for 20 seconds, break for 10, and repeat – the kicker is that you have to complete as many as you did your first set through the whole thing. Do this for 4 minutes.

20 curls
20 supermans

5 lbs
20 rep front arm raise
20 rep tricep extensions

8 lbs
20 bench press
20 butterflys

30 sec (each)
Forward plank (on hands)
Resting plank (yeah, resting my ass…on forearms)
Side plank
Back plank
Back plank on one leg (alternate for a total of 1 min)

*Repeat this set 2xs*

100 reps each (at 5lbs) Front curl and lat raise

Break long enough to catch your breath

4 min drill (again – I know)

circuit training where you sprint roughly 200yrds btwn each exercise
Do the following:
Squat jumps (25)
Squat thrusts (25)
One leg squat (25 each leg)
Bent knee hops (30 – and BTW you look retarded doing these!)
Leg lifts (25)

*Repeat this set 2xs*

Break again

Plank drill (set above)
25 each of:
Front curl
Toe touches
Alternate Knees
Reverse crunch
Alternate side crunches (where you touch your ankle)
Twisty crunch (where you crunch up then twist side to side then go back down)

*Again…repeat twice…then curl up in a corner and die*

To be perfectly honest, I didn’t think that I could make it through this workout – but you’re supposed to do it so quickly that it should only take you roughly 75 mns. I haven’t made it all the way through yet, but I am getting close…

I also didn’t know that I my inner thighs could hurt SO much! But, to leave you with motivating words…as Joe so delicately put it;) “People with good bodies work hard. People with better bodies work harder.” Which, I have to admit, is true:)


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