All of the details:)

I have come to the conclusion that my previous dream of owning a Bed & Breakfast should remain just that, a dream:) Haha – this last weekend my wedding chicks minus one (I wish Mindy could have been there! But I get to see her this weekend!) traveled up to Manistee to enjoy a weekend full of relaxation, fun, food, and entertainment!

Amy and I headed out Friday afternoon from the great Mt. P and pulled into the house sometime around 5. My aunt Anne and cousin Hannah (Junior BM) were there, and we spent the night goofing off and getting things around for all of the girls. We ended up wrapping their presents and putting their goody bags together (which included all things necessary for a successful stay i.e. toothbrush, hairbrush, ring pop…;) and putting them in their rooms.

After attempting to get to bed early (which, as you all know – cannot happen when you get a bunch of friends together) we finally got up for a very early morning, complete with grocery and shoe shopping, hunting down ribbons, more wrapping, and kicking the boys out of the house. The first to show was Julie, who was absolutely adorable with her little belly and her hilarious recount of how she “meditated on her uterus”. She is going to be one of the worlds best moms:) And it was so wonderful to see her, it had been since her wedding almost 3 years ago! I am just so happy to have her as a friend, and find it wonderful that regardless of everything else going on – we can just pick right up where we left off!

The weekend was not free, however, of little travel glitches (Teri was stuck in Chicago across from the Sullivan house, and Mom W hit construction) but thankfully, everyone made it there safetly. We shared Sangria, ate a ton of food, and played games (including Bridal Project Runway and a Trivia game that let everyone get to know eachother). Jordanne and Amy kept everyone entertained with their rendition of the YMCA and Amy’s Thriller endzone dance.

We also handed out their presents, which were so beautiful on them (fur wraps and open heart necklaces:), I really do think that I have the most beautiful bridal party ever! Julie, Teri, and Annie all surprised me with gifts, which were wonderful:) I love the bracelet that Anne got me, as well as the Philosophy Bridal tin full of goodies:) The Pjs from Julie were so so comfortable! Not to mention the colors she picked out for me in terms of eyeshadow – brilliant. Teri surprised me with one of those teapots with the diffuser inside – I LOVE it! My mom has had one forever, and they are so nice:)

And, what slumber party would be complete without doing make-up (thank you so much Jules) and the obligatory popcorn and a movie (Yay – Adventures in Babysitting). All together, the weekend was far too short, and I was sad to see the girls leave…but next weekend is my bridal shower in Battle Creek which is going to be so much fun!

And, who knows, even though it was a little hectic running from room to room trying to make sure beds were made and towels were avaliable…I may still become the proud owner of Coco’s B&B…



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