Like visions of Sugar Plums, dancing away to the wedding music in my head…

…or headphones…

Just got done meeting with our musician, Dr. Lindahl. He was such a nice man, and very helpful, and didn’t mind my bumbling questions that involved a lot of terms like “musical thingy”. I am SO inept when it comes to music.

So I am going through the CD that he prepared for me, and am going to be working with my mom to come up with a play list. The plan is as follows: a brass quintet is going to be playing at the ceremony (Marine Corps hymnal included;) and then they are switching over to a Jazz quintet for the reception. I am so excited for this wedding – everything is starting to come together!

Most exciting (at least as of this morning) is that apparently they are able to take requests of popular music – which I think is just amazingly fun! I hope that everyone has a wonderful time:) And I hope that I can chill out enough to have a wonderful time as well…normally wouldn’t have been worried about this, but last night was rough between my headache, Echo, and stuffing envelopes after a full day of running around town like a chicken with my head cut off. I was so wound up that even a bath sounded like too much. So I crashed instead, awaking this morning without a headache and just in time to head over to the music building.

Now to redo my freakin’ thesis (because it’s just a ton of fun to switch the requirements of the page margins half way through editing)…and get it in by 5. I swear, if it takes me all day….

…I could honestly see myself walking out of the lab and never coming back.

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