Day after Thanksgiving…

Equals some of the best eating of the year…in my opinion anyways. This morning I awoke to the smell of bacon and was excited for breakfast followed (very soon after) by leftovers for lunch.

Who knew that the hot turkey sandwhich was so good? I had never had it before until this afternoon, and to be perfectly honest I think I actually enjoyed it more than Thanksgiving diner itself! Best part is, it’s easy as pie (speaking of, we had like 10 different pies to choose from – no kidding) you essentially pile turkey btwn toast and then smother it with gravy (along with all other leftovers during the day). I took the road less traveled and put cranberry sauce in with my turkey.

If you couldn’t tell, my Thanksgiving was full of wonderful food and lots of laughter. We spent the day with my grandparents, my huge family, my aunt and uncle and their two children, and my cousin and her kids. Trevor’s new girlfriend, Amy, came and was totally immersed in the family (and even though I live with her) it was great to have her meet everyone.

We all have so much to be thankful for this year, most of all our family and friends. Hmmmmmm….I just really really wish that a certain Mr. Weakley was present!

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