embarking on 19 days…

Time is officially FLYING. It also seems that winter is here to stay, although the temperature this morning came dangerously close to thawing out our beautiful winter scape. It’s hard to believe that so many things are happening right now, the semester ending is always a big (and welcomed) event, but this time next week I will officially be Nichole Jaskiw, MS. Additionally this wedding is fast approaching and I find myself getting more and more excited for its arrival. Not to mention moving and job hunting, and program hunting…oy.

This evening Joe asked me what I was most excited about with reagards to the wedding, aside from the getting married part. For some reason, I am actually most excited about his ring. He hadn’t seen/confirmed it when I placed the order (he had chosen it a year prior) and he actually didn’t get to try it on until he came home in October. It was so funny, but when he slipped the thing on my heart kind of … jumped. Now, this being said, for those of you who know me, I don’t really get much into theatrics and everything, but when that happened I just thought that it was funny…and now, that’s the thing that I am looking most forward to…putting his ring on.

This weekend was wonderful. Teri, one of my bestest, threw me a naughty bridal shower (full of lots of VERY raunchy things) here in Mt. P. It was so great to see her (it had been since the beginning of November) and lots of fun to catch up. Seriously, this girl and I literally spent 20 hours/day together basically since Joe left at the end of last October. I don’t think either one of us would have made it through the program without the other. Well, that I think discredits us a bit, but we certainly wouldn’t have made it through as sane as we did without eachother.

I think, however, she may have missed her calling. Event planner seems to bode well with her. I just couldn’t get over everything that she thought of and did. For instance (this is my favorite) as a favor for everyone she got mini wines and tied ribbons and tags on each of them. They were adorable! (Some of them are still sitting on my buffet) The food was wonderful, as was the company, and the obligatory game (which, ahem…Joe actually did better than I did). I have a new Christmas ornament as well hanging prominantly on the tree and lots of very naughty things.

To round out the weekend? I had the most hilarious conversation with Joe’s grandmother. She is such a sweetheart, and really one of my favorite people. What is so funny is that sometimes I forget about who I am talking to because she converses just like Teri (or Amy, Maria…etc) would…and I found myself talking “sexy nighties” with her. The best part was when she said that she was “…sure Joey would be very excited to see everything you got…”

I was slightly embarassed when it hit me that I was still, in fact, talking to Gram B. But she’s cool, so the embarassment was fleeting…hahaha:)

Anyways…it’s coming up on *almost* 3 am, and I have some more to accomplish before bed. Luckily, finals will be over tomorrow afternoon (well – except for one that is a maybe…depending on the prof, I guess…)



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