Horrible, horrible, horrible…

As if the first one wasn’t a heart attack waiting to happen, my SECOND (that’s right, as in 2) NO FEAR super energy supplement is hitting me like a mac truck…

No more liquid caffiene for me for a long long long time.

Officially on page 11 of around 20 pages that I have to complete before 5pm. And this would be the second all nighter I’ve pulled so far this week. I have a ton more to write on, that’s not the problem right now…it’s mostly that I am having a hard time getting my fingers to do what they are told, and I am not sure if he wants everything in APA…

…which I think I may have forgotten to do since I’ve been going by the graduate school rules of nonsense formatting since June…

Will have to pull out the publication manual – I’m afraid:)

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