Santa Baby

As usual, I am writing in this blog only when I have a great deal of things to do otherwise. In this case, it would be my final paper for my psychopathology class, due tomorrow at 5pm. I would like to turn it in first thing tomorrow morning, I think that would be best (and it would mean that I was done), but seeing as how I am sitting here working on my blog, chances of that happening are slim to none:)

Wrapping the semester up fairly nicely. Today was a little bit of a shock as Amy went to Manistee to visit with Trevor and it finally hit all of us that we are moving on, Maria and I are graduating, Amy is moving into her second semester (without cable to serve as a distraction), I am getting married, and all of us are going our separate ways. It’s sad really, like another chapter closing for me. And even though I am totally excited about the start of the next one, my heart hurts a little, knowing that in a few days the quaint little house on South Fancher will no longer be my own. The Cabin will not be an option for dinner, and I will not be able to walk downtown and wonder if I will run into anyone that I’ve gotten to know over the years.

It’s like when Chloe’s closed. Teri and I were upset at the time, but really excited to see what was taking its place. Florida will be warm, and sunny, and my wonderful fiance (or husband at that time) will be there. I’m looking forward to the mass selection of seafood and citrus, and all of the new people that I will meet.

Here are some recent pictures of some of the fun times:)
The baby wine bottles from the shower, so much fun!
The girls!
Thanks Maria…Joe is going to be very happy with your choice;)
Outside of the cabin…only the best pizza in town with one of the best people:)


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