New year, new address, new timezone, and newly-wed…

Here is one of my absolute favorite photos:) I haven’t gotten through everything that I’ve been set yet, but I am stumbling my way through photoshop:) I forgot how much I love it! It has been almost 7 years since I’ve used it:) Will post an entire slideshow when I finally get through everything:)

The wedding was an absolute blur, but we wouldn’t have changed a thing about it (except maybe having the night last forever). And we truely do not deserve the friends and loved ones that we have. Having everyone together was so amazing and such a blessing.

All that being said, if given the option? We would NEVER do it again! Haha;) For instance, toronados threatened to keep one of our guys in Alabama (meanwhile his finance made it into Detroit), the other lost his sword on the way from CA. Additionally, three days before we were to marry, our Pastor got so sick that he couldn’t marry us (he’s fine now, thank God! We were so worried about him!). Luckily, however, my grandmother’s Pastor quickly stepped in (and did the most beautiful job:)

The day befoe the wedding, my mom surprised me with a treat to the spa:) A full body scrub and wrap later, and everything was right with the world! Let’s talk for two seconds about how stressful being the bride in a wedding is. My good Lord! I thought I was prepared!!! But after leaving the spa, pampered and happy, I was ready to take on the world!

Then two of my favorite girls in the world got into town, and made moved heaven and earth (it seemed like anyways) to make sure that everything happened when it was supposed to. Julie and Teri are so wonderful, I really couldn’t have made it through without their survival kit, Teri’s tub of love, and our 1am day before the wedding pep talk of (I can’t freakin’ believe it…it’s today, and I don’t feel ready at ALL – don’t worry, everything is fine, everything will be beautiful – I can’t believe you’re getting married tomorrow! I can’t believe you’re going to be a mom!) Haha:)

Dallas’s toast was beautiful, and he did such an amazing job:) Jordanne was so precious, and I am so blesssed to have her as my sister. The flowers were amazing, the church was beautiful, and even though I wasn’t able to elbow my way in front of the only mirror in the room until right before pictures, Amy (our photographer) got some amazing pictures of Julie, Teri, Mindy and I flying around the room and doing some final touches. They turned out so good:) Julie did everyone’s make up and did a beautiful job! And Mindy was amazingly helpful:) She was like the calm in the middle of the storm! I was so happy to have her there! Sweet Hanny just stood and took it all in with a wide-eyed look and huge smile:) It made me so happy to watch her! Remembering Anne’s wedding, and how I felt in that same building, knowing that it’s a good possibility that we will be doing the same thing for her, years from now:)

I will never forget Ashley and Pam running for McDonalds for everyone! Or Ash coming upstairs, holding out a double cheeseburger saying “here, eat!”. All in all, everything was wonderful, Rob did an amazing job, and even though I didn’t get to see her much Jen had fun with the guestbook! The boys did a wonderful job entertaining Kenton, and we felt so honored that all of the Marines would come to Michigan to be in our wedding:) Bret and Trevor looked very handsome, as did C, and the parents were all stunning!

I am rambling…I know. But there was just so much! More or less, from the rehersal dinner to the end of the wedding night and Teri’s tub of Love everything was just amazingly chaotic! I am so happy that everyone got to spend time with eachother, and catch up, esp. Amy and Trevor, who never get to see eachother. The bet’s on as to what is going to happen with those two…but my advice is that they elope in like 5 years!

And even though I hate betting that doesn’t involve Texas hold’em, there is quite the interesting one regarding Joe and I…

You guessed it. The rings weren’t even on the fingers, and the bet was that we would be pregnant within the first 6 months (I think that was the earliest). Well, sorry to disappoint:) But all bets placed prior to 5 years will be lost! Haha:) What is it, BTW, with people doing that? I mean, I’ve done it, yes…just as a question (not an implication)…maybe it’s just the next natural train of thought….

Anyways, enough for today…have many more stories to include! But only after I complete a gradschool application!


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