Introducing the GE TL washer and matching electric dryer:)

I think that we may have just crossed into the realm of old married couple, as the most exciting thing we’ve done is the last couple of days is buy a washer and dryer. And, you wouldn’t believe how excited we’ve been! Haha.

It all stared earlier in the week, when Joe was forcing me to city drive, and I almost killed us trying to make it through a yellow left turn light (who knew that trucks can’t corner as well as cars???). We managed to find a washer and dryer that we liked at Home Depot, although the selection wasn’t too great. The problem was, however, that they didn’t have the model in the store. So, they had them transferred from another store, and three days later we were supposed to be able to pick them up and start attacking our amazingly huge mound of laundry.

Thursday (the day of pick up) rolls around, and we call to make sure we can get them, and 5 hours (and dozens of phone calls) later, we find that in an oversite, they actually sold them to someone else. Being the patient people that we are, and understanding having worked in service jobs prior (and seeing as how they were on hold, and we didn’t put any money into the situation) we decided to try our hand at Lowe’s.

Having never been into a Lowe’s before, I was a little shocked to see their selction of smaller appliances (blenders…coffee makers!?!?!?! All under the same roof as nails and plumbing?) and we happily found the washer and dryer we were originally hoping for within our price range! Who knew that going from grey to white would knock off a couple hundred bucks! And decided in the meantime that we would love to do our dreamhouse kitchen in blue tile, and equip the laundry room with the new LG steam washer and dryer!

Best part? It was in stock, and an hour later we were home cristening our laundry room with our first load (greens, and camis…if you were wondering (since our boy STINKS when he comes in from the field)). Brian came in, laughing at us, offering to bring in chairs and beer, as we were hunched over watching the washer fill with water, commenting on how we couldn’t mess with the close button (like you can with older models) and watch the agitation cylce.

In hind sight, it was a little pathetic, us having an in-depth conversation and being totally facsinated with the thing. You would think that it had been our baby, and we were planning on it doing the whites of the President in it’s future!

I suppose Julie was right, when she told me the other night that I would become excited about things I never thought I would be excited about. For instance, she is super excited about a stroller she just got! The best was when she was like, “I know, this is bad, but all the moms are going to be super jealous of it!” Hahahahah:) I guess you just have to know her to understand that she’s totally not into comparing with others which makes it so much funnier…and we just laughed about it!

And do I think everyone should be jealous of our washer and dryer? Totally:) Haha:) Because it’s the absolute best!


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