Note to self: when thirsty at midnight…

Don’t, under any circumstances drink Diet Coke:) It is officially 1:30 in the morning and I am having a hard time falling asleep (could also be because the hubby and I slept in until 10am this morning, and we are usually up earlier than that)!

Life has been pretty lazy in the greater P’cola area the last few days. I’ve managed to complete my application to one of my schools, do some laundry and start unpacking my closet. You know, it is only during times like these that I miss living by myself…we still have a couple more boxes to unpack and some decorating to do, and the dishes from dinner could be done…but seeing as how I have a Marine that has to be leaving for work by 5am, it wouldn’t be too fair of me to not be as quiet as possible as he sleeps away in the next room.

So I relinquish myself to updating all on our wonderfully lazy life:) We’ve enjoyed absolutely wonderful weather the last few days, today especially – coordinating with our MLK day (yeah G’ment holiday). Breakfast on our patio has very quickly become my favorite part of the day (and my favorite part of the house – although tonights run-in with a bat might have me reconsidering…and I am sure that my mom was thoroughly pleased to hear my best ‘sailor’ language as I was on the phone when it happened).

Koli (Brian’s english bulldog pup) and I are becoming fast friends, and I am so happy to be able to live vicariously, as I have ALWAYS wanted a bulldog! She’s so sweet! And technically speaking, she’s not a true bulldog, as she’s been cross-bred in hopes of diminishing the health effects (i.e. she has a bit of a snout, and is a little taller…and that T shape is a little less defined). Tonight I was laying in bed finalizing my application and she came in (she’s not allowed to be in the bedrooms as she’s not totally housebroken yet) and jumped up on the bed. She was so funny! She went apeshit on the down comforter, divebombing the thing, and then she caught sight of her reflection in my vanity.

When I looked over, she was checking herself out, front end standing on a couple of boxes stacked next to the bed, back legs stretched straight behind her (as if she were the amazing flying Koli). I asked her what she was doing and she turned and smiled (meaning she jutted out her bottom teeth at me). She cracks me up.

Other than that, I have been trying to use the terms “husband and wife” or some dirivative of, because it still (a little over two weeks later) hasn’t become 2nd nature to think of Joe as my “husband” and not my “fiance” or “boyfriend”. And it’s totally weird to think of myself as a wife:) Wonderful, and a total blessing – yes…absolutely. But weird all the same:) Just waiting for it to ‘hit’ me. And still automatically signing my name the old way…

guess I should break out the old trapper-keeper and practice writing “nichole m weakley”…”mrs joseph j weakley”…”joe and nichole weakley”….

I’ll be sure to include lots of hearts and flowers:)

On that note, I think I will join my husband in dream land.

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