The Pursuit of HappYness

JW and I just got back from the movies with Brian. We saw the new Will Smith movie, Pursuit of HappYness. I think I cried through just about the whole thing. It was such a wonderful and inspirational movie. The part that got me the most, and not to ruin it for anyone planning on watching, was the part when he was holding his son and crying in the bathroom. Also, at the end when things start to turn around (SPOILER ALERT) and he gets offered the job. His face was so amazing, I am tearing up just thinking about it, and managed to bawl like a baby in the middle of the movie theater.

I am SUCH a baby sometimes, I swear! I remember the first time something touched me, and every time I thought about it I started crying. I was in 3rd grade, and I saw a TV special on Eric Clapton’s son, and his song Tears in Heaven. I remember bawling all night, and my mom came in the dining room (where I was doing my homework) and asked me what was wrong. I remember telling her, and letting out an exasperated “it’s just so sad!”. Hahaha…

The weather, we hope, is starting to turn around (it’s been a little chilly, but not too bad…50s for the last couple of days). I still can’t get over the fact that I am wearing SANDALS in JANUARY. Le Grille, however, is getting LOTS of use:) We are having pork chops tonight with Uncle Daves cajun rub. Can’t wait to try! Smells absolutely wonderful:)

Happy B-day to Jorge, who is the big 17 today:)

Off to set the table!


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