Road tests, cookouts, and housebreaking a pup…

You would think that my delinquency in updating this blog was because I have fashioned some sort of a life down here in P’C. Unfortunately…this is not totally the case. Although, I have reaffirmed my belief that I could never survive staying at home! While I am totally aware that this line of thought could change once we have children (ahem…Anne:) – and refuse to say ‘never’, my experience up to this point has led me to believe that I would go stir crazy!

I FINALLY took my road test and got my licence, was a little nervous (taking it in Joe’s boat of a truck) specifically when ‘conjested parking’, and aside from the guy saying “whoo-ee sweetheart, you know exactly where your bumpers are” (which sounded like: “woo-EEE, saweet-hArt, you know zactly where ur bumpers are” through his thick ‘Bama accent) I left, unscathed – licence in hand…

And the picture wasn’t too bad either!

This afternoon was spent with Joe and I cleaning up and prepping for our “house party” tonight. Yes, as he so lovingly pointed out this morning: we’re getting old. We are actually having a “house party”. I am excited though:) We get to break out some of our beautiful crystal that we recieved for our wedding (yay!), and I get to flex my inner-domestic-goddess muscle and show off my salmon (something or other) appetizer.

Hmm…maybe I should wait to brag it up until I find out what it’s called;)

Joe has been so funny though – and it has been so nice to be able to sit and cut peppers with him:) Ahh…yes, you guessed it, Le Master will be working Le Grille again tonight:)

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