Happy February!

Here’s to all of our northern loved ones having a warm cup of cocoa (with marshmallows) and a good pair of mittens to help survive the next couple of months!

In the last week or so, I have realized what a weather wuss I have become. The weather down here has dipped into the 50-60 degree mark (and down to *almost* freezing at night), and sadly I find myself turning up the heat, rubbing my hands together when outside (as I have made a conscious decision NOT to wear gloves), and reaching for the tea pot first thing in the morning. Upon observation, one would have thought that I had never faced sub-zero temperatures while waiting in a snow bank for the school bus. Or that I had never been the one to skate after school for hours sans a hat, mittens, and even a coat (at times) in my youth.

Ah well, I will still enjoy the phone calls telling me how lucky I am – and enjoy with mistification that I do not miss Michigan winters one bit. Haha. Suckers;)

Now, to move on, before I get my bum collectively kicked, JW came home last night with that excited school boy look on his face:) Yep. He got his flight suit. He put it on as soon as he came home at 3 in the afternoon, wore it to dinner at 6, studied in it all night, and FINALLY took it off around 11 when we went to bed. When Brian asked if he had gotten his helmet, his response was “are you kidding me!?!? I would have worn that SOB all the way home!”

Ah, young love:) Hahah! Can’t wait for his helmet to make an appearence! I am so excited for him though:) Also! All of the studying has paid off! As he got a 98 this morning on his test! Yay!

Well, off to watch Brian and Joe try to beat Zelda. Joe’s just getting in the action, as he’s been busting his butt this last week (2 exams!!!). This has been a week long adventure for Brian, however – as he just finished IFS earlier this week.

Haha:) I think that they both more than deserve the break!


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