"…suPer freak! She’s supa freeaakaaay…"

This, coming from my husband, channeling Rick James from our kitchen table as he’s studying for his test tomorrow:) Yes, for those interested, he IS wearing head phones while working his way through Nav…and cracking me up!

Got our pictures in the mail today! Totally in LOVE with them! Amy did such a wonderful job:) Now on to organizing and printing! I am wanting to get a bunch printed for everyone who was involved (certainly all of the girls and guys). Playing around with the Kodak photoshare stuff, and excited because you can order prints right offline! So, that should keep me busy for a while.

Joe’s done with tests this week (yay!), so he’ll be studying bunches for sure! And seranading, as well. Driving to Mississippi on Friday for a day full of interviews and whatnot! Wish me luck! I am so excited to be meeting everyone in the program that I’ve applied for. Hopefully everything turns out well! I know everything will turn out for the best, and hopefully the best means me in their program in the fall (and Joe at Meridian flying jets).

We’ll just have to see. For anyone reading, prayers for Gram Bechtol, who hurt her neck earlier this week. I chatted with her today, and she says that she’s feeling much better. Apparently she’s become a huge fan of accupuncture:) I am just happy to hear that she’s feeling much better!

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