Birthday wishes!

Bret is officially 22 today! Happy Birthday! Haha:) Here’s to having lots of fun, and not having too much of a headache the next morning (although, I’m not sure how much fun was had by the college boys since my parents were in town! 🙂 I was happy though, to hear that they were able to get down there to take him out to dinner for his b-day.
Wanted to share a few pics from last night. As mentioned previously, our friends Tamatha and Forest invited us over for a barbecue (FL weather, I tell ya!) last night. It’s so much fun to hang out with them. Their daughter, Devin, is SO cute!
And as you can see, had some fun with Joe! Haha;) Nothing like a little girl to get the guard down of even the toughest Marine…

Had SO much fun yesterday. It was just wonderful to be able to get up and spend the entire day with Joe. So much fun to sit and converse over Arby’s:) Although, I am feeling it today, as I am wiped out! Officially returning to our beloved homebody status, as we are going to just putz around the house today, and get ready for tomorrow and the next week. Hopefully, I can shake the cold I feel coming on. If not, I think it’s going to be a doozy!

Oh…may make a habit of a Sunday morning drive, however. As I am itching to drive my car!

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