Crawfish??? Hmmm….

All photo’s courtesy of Amy Carroll of Amy Carroll Photography, LLC (*please do not print/tag without permission*)

Having tons of problems with uploading photos into my online account…but things are coming along (slowly, but surely). These are some of my favorite photos. And even though I say that about all of them, each time I write it I am being totally sincere. I guess the problem is that our photographer caught so many great shots! Damn! Haha;) Totally not a problem, in my book!

Just got back from Mississippi and am enjoying a nice glass of Fat Bastard merlot. Shock! I know! I’m drinking wine! But lifes little rewards are so much better after a long day.

My interviews this morning and afternoon went well. On my part anyways. I was really impressed, and really liked what I saw today. Everyone was so nice, and it really felt like a cohort. In fact, during my last interview I was told that I would have to (pending exception) try crawfish at the annual crawfish boil that the faculty throws for all of the school program students and their spouses/sig others. That and Killians. Since, apparently that is the beer of choice for the facutly member in charge of the keg.

I don’t think I had ever smiled and laughed so much during an interview in my life! Keeping my fingers crossed that they were as impressed with me as I was with them! (There’s awesome research opportunities, funding, learning…the crawfish was not the selling point, believe it or not!). Haha:) Ahhhhhhhhhh…here’s for hopes and prayers, and keeping everything from fingers to pig-tails crossed that I get an offer! Oy!

Finally got our mirror up above the mantle. Now that I think about it, I should really get some pictures up soas everyone can see what they are missing! Actually, in the spirit of rubbing our good fortune when it comes to weather in, Brain, Joe, and I posed for cheesy pictures while we were eating lunch out on the patio in our 75 degree weather the other afternoon. Nothing like sun-tea to round out the picture! Okay, I will shut up now! As I am sure that kharma will come and bite me in the ass during hurricane season!

Love to all – and stay warm:) And stay posted for more pics!

OH! And our boy had his final test this afternoon! He did great! Like there was any question with the phenomenal study partner he has! Haha:) Really though…awesome job!


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