Yeah:) Photographs!

Amy Carroll Photography, LLC

If ever, and I do mean ever, you are in need of a photographer, our wedding photographer Amy did an absolutely amazing job:) I have been going through them this past day, and working on getting them printed and shipped out to people (organized, first…that is).

Things here have been nice and warm. Not to rub it in, but we were at 70 degrees today, which is seems to be way above the sub-zero temperatures that our loved ones in the north are facing.

JW got a 94 today on his test:) Yay! And his last one is on Friday! He’s pretty excited to be done with studying. Right now, he’s catching up on his sleep! Since he doesn’t have to be in until 8:30 tomorrow morning, he headed to bed early in hopes to not be so sleep deprived through out the week.

Me on the other hand? I haven’t had an 8pm bedtime since…well. I’m not sure that I was ever actually made to go to bed at a certain time:) Okay, last, but not least! A pic from Teri:
I absolutely LOVE this;) Joe and I had forgotten to bring a change of clothes to the hotel with us. So, this is my best walk of shame outfit EVER! Haha:) Nothing like seeing the before and after!

Love to everyone reading this, and stay warm up in the artic tundra that has become the Great Lakes region!


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