What in the world is the plus/minus button for!??!??

Exciting news! After a full day of looking and test driving, Joe and I are now the proud owners of a 2005 Chevy Malibu! Yeah! New (to us) car! While it was a little more than what we were wanting to spend on my first car, after driving it, we found ourselves comparing everything else back to it (it was our first one of the day).

Funniest part about the whole thing is that it is the exact car that Teri got almost a year ago. Color, interior and everything. It was so weird getting in it and not seeing a Vera Bradley bag sitting next to me. It was weird getting into the drivers seat! Haha. Thing is though, after car shopping all day – we knew that we liked that car. Hmmm…that and she’s states away, so it’s not like we’re going to park next to eachother at the lab or anything:) I called her and told her and she was like “haha – miss me that much – huh?” Now we’re just trying to figure out what in the hell the button on the side of the shift is…

Got up first thing this morning (7am, I tell ya – Joe being used to getting up first thing in the morning is really cramping my style) and headed out for a breakfast date. After passing up Hardee’s and many a WaHo, we went to IHOP, only to find that the wait was WAY longer than either of us wanted to wait…

so we ate at Arby’s.

And tonight, following a wonderful B’bq with the French’s we went to watch Smoking Aces. HORRIBLE HORRIBLE movie. Don’t waste your time. It’s more or less people shooting eachother. That’s it. Not really a plot, a bunch of random characters, little development, and your typical ‘twist’ at the end that you see from a mile away. Bad. Very Bad.

On a lighter note, however, Tamatha’s ribs were absolutely wonderful! And will have to share the recipe once I hunt her down for it;)


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