…Stupid Cupid…

Twas the night before Valentines…and all through the stores, advantage was being taken of those dating ‘gift whores’…

Haha:) Historically speaking, the legend of Valentine is very romantic
regardless of which version you believe. At the heart of all of them is personal sacrifice, standing for what you believe is right and true, and yes, love. How is it then, that such a beautiful story has turned into spending exhorbident amounts of money on flowers, chocolates, and oversized stuffed animals proclaiming “I’m WILD over you” or “I love you Beary much”? Not that I am saying that I wouldn’t enjoy recieving such things! Quite the contrary…but I am just as happy without, and certainly do not expect.

While so many things in my life have happend around Valentine’s day (meeting Joe being one of them), I honestly still have yet to feel that urge to run out and buy the typical Valentine’s fare. Does that make me less romantic? I really don’t think so. I feel that Valentine’s should be spent with those that you love, doing meaningful and memorable things together…

My favorite Valentine’s memory was when Joe locked me in my bedroom as he cooked dinner (which was wonderful), and we spent the rest of the night sipping wine and champagne and eating homemade dessert by the fireplace. Our second ‘Valentines’ was even more special, as we hadn’t seen eachother since Christmas, and officially celebrated it on the 17th with a wonderful dinner out in Manassas, VA.

Point being, this year, I am looking forward to tomorrow being about spending quality time with my new husband. Maybe staying in (flexing our homebody muscles) and cooking dinner together…which has very quickly become one of my favorite passtimes:)

So here’s to everyone having a wonderful day tomorrow, and celebating what the holiday is actually about. And honestly? If to you, the holiday means candy and flowers…I hope that you recieve that or have someone to give it to:)


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