Long walks through some brisk weather!

While not nearly as extreme as the weather our northern loved ones are experiencing, we have been under a weather advisory since last night because they feared that our temperatures were dropping down to the 20s. Now…ahem…done laughing yet??? Haha;) Now, while it seems to be extreme, I guess that this would be a huge deal for people who aren’t used to chilly temperatures.

Koli and I took a long walk this morning, in my attempt to ware her out. She was spayed last week, and we have to keep her ‘chill’ because of her stitches. This, however, has been a bit of a struggle since she’s started feeling better in the last couple of days (and is used to having her ‘boys’ rough house with her every night). It’s so sad to see her begging for attention (she has been personally delivering every toy she owns to each one of us), and trying to get us to play! So we went for a walk, hoping that she would be able to blow off some energy. So far? I think it’s working. She’s sleeping out in the living room right now (refueling for this afternoon, I’m sure).

Last night was fun, though I am happy that I have a thick skin! Apparently my husband must think that I am boring, since Joe spent all night yawning at me!!! Haha;) Actually, it was a side effect of being in a pressure chamber all day, and developing Hypoxia. Not to worry, it was all controlled and meant to show each of them how their body reacted to oxygen deprivation. There are some hilarious stories though (they all got to the point of not being able to play patty-cake), and apparently Joe’s face turns bright blue. But all is well, and his ears hurt this morning like they were supposed to (and we didn’t even have to use the emergency card or call 911 last night!!!).

Excited about this weekend, as we have Brian’s friend coming to visit (he’s making it down before he ships out to Iraq with the Army). And tonight we have a date with Matt and Chrissy at El Rodeo down the street! Should be a fun time:)

I hope that everyone has a wonderful rest of the day and manages to stay warm! And that your Valentine’s was wonderful! (I got a beautifully written card! And we spent the night in, as promised…although we made a deal to actually be cliche once in our lives and go out and do all of the typical Valentines stuff…since neither one of us has actually ever done that!)


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