Happy February 17th!

Haha;) Here’s to hoping that everyone is having a wonderful weekend! Warmer at least! Brian’s friend from college (who is in the Army), Wentz is visiting for the weekend, and last night we went to Seville Quarter. Seville’s is like the BOB in GR, it’s a huge building with all sorts of different bars inside. We spent a majority of our night in the dueling piano bar. Needless to say, we had quite a bit of fun, and I was able to celebrate my first official night as a Designated Driver!

Everyone is in full Mardi Gras swing down here, and this weekend, Presidents Weekend, has been turned into a pre-mardi-gras party. I guess that it would be possible for us to travel the couple of hours and actually DO Mardi Gras in New Orleans…but I think, collectively speaking, that we would like to live past Tuesday.

Anyways, exciting news as Mom and Dad W are headed down here next weekend for Joe’s graduation from API! We are SO excited to have them come down:) And got off the phone with Maria, and apparently she and Ian are going to be down here the 3rd through the 9th!!! YAY!

Well…off to don shorts and go to the fish market! We are having grilled shrimp tonight for dinner:) YUM! Le Master is working Le Grille again tonight! Haha…coming out of retirement, so to speak, as he’s been SO incredibly busy with API. Will post the pics from last night as soon as they get up! Haha:)


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