"His name is Andy Vagna???"

“That’s one letter away from his name being Andy Vagina!”

This coming from Brian. I thought it was pretty funny!

The last couple of days have been fairly uneventful, just enjoying the weather. Unfortunately plans fell through for this weekend, and Mom and Dad W won’t be able to make it down here.

Just got back from ‘Mandatory Fun’ at the Officer’s Club with Joe. We spent the night talking to Executive Officer Pilots, getting to hear about their stories, and whatnot. It was a lot of fun, and we met some really nice people. Headed home around 9 and pulled off one of the best pranks in a while…

…Brian, Joe, and I tend to go back and forth trying to prank eachother…

On the way home, Joe dozed off as I was driving. Being the sneeky person that I can be, I called Brian and had him turn his car around, leave the lights on, and honk at us as we came in the driveway. Hehe:) Mean, I know. But we played it nice, and Joe just sat up and was like…”Oh my God Nichole! WTF!?!?!?” And then as soon as he figured it all out he started laughing. Not to worry though, he thought it was a great prank.

I have a feeling that Brian and I are going to get a big payback within the next few days…


One thought on “"His name is Andy Vagna???"

  1. Oh, honey . . . you shouldn’t oughtta done that — cuz you see, the Goose, he doesn’t get mad – he gets EVEN!

    Wish we could be there this weekend — be sure to congratulate our boy; hugs and kisses for both of you.

    Momma W. 😉

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