Well, we didn’t see the Wizard…

Many happenings, as of the last few days. We did, infact, all survive the tornados, the town next to us got hit worse than we did (didn’t actually have one touch down), but we did learn a number of things last night, including: 1) Koli does not like bad weather, 2) the batteries for Joe’s mega flashlight DO come in handy, and 3) Brian’s mom is going to be sending down the Toronado alarm with his brother…

Speaking of, we are going to have a very full house next week, as our friends Maria and Ian are flying in from the great snowy state, and Brian’s brother Andy and his friend are coming down here for Spring Break. Our house is in complete disaray, and we will be cleaning lots before tomorrow, but we are all excited to have guests!

In other news, we now have a love seat, for $35 and a sweet donation to a womens group in the P’cola area our living room is now more condusive to entertaining (and just in time). And we are so excited to be thisclose to totally paying off 3 of our credit cards, and close to the rest of Joe’s uniform loan! Which means that we will be able to consolodate and get rid of my graduate school credit card (yay!), and be down to our mortgage, my car payment, and Joe’s student loan.

I realize that I’m not including my massive student loan in the equation, but it will be taken care of as soon as I am done with school, and have full-time employment. It’s exciting to be financially responsible! Yay! And even though it would be nice to go and splurge on a camera that I’ve had my eye on…it’s going to be that much sweeter to actually not go into debt buying it!

Yay adult responsibility…haha, as I eat my fruit roll-up!


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