There and back, no thanks to the dense/patchy fog…

Question of the day: what kind of McDonalds is not open at 4:30 in the morning??? Just wondering. Not that I really wanted to partake in the awesome greasiness that is the golden arches, but honestly….

So Maria and Ian headed out this morning, and I find myself faced with a dilema…go back to sleep? Or maybe just stay up and start cleaning (as our house needs to get back in order following it being crammed full of people for the last week). I also have resumes and emails to send out, a work out to get in, and am planning on biking 10 miles with Chrissie late morning.

Maybe I should just suck it up and plan to head to bed early tonight! đŸ™‚ As it is 20 to 6 in the early morning hours, I think I will just put on a pot of coffee and get my day underway.

Wish me lots of luck, and enjoy the following photo captured by Maria the other day while we were at the beach. This should explain why I have been best friends with aloe for the last couple of days!!!

How am I SO lucky???

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