Wii would like to play.

Welcome to the Sunshine State! Headed home from the airport…
Sitting in the simulators at the museum.
My handsome hubby bowling.
Maria and the Wii.
Sunset tonight:) Ahhh, how beautiful! How did I get so lucky!?!?!

This week has been eventful! Maria and Ian got here last Saturday to spend the week with us over their Spring Break. It’s been lots of fun! Firstly, I would like to point out that I did not get lost picking them up at the airport. And we got home in time to see Couture win (which, I must say I haven’t liked Ultimate fighting until that fight, but now I think I’m hooked).

We made it to the museum, and bowling, and tonight we welcomed a new addition to our family: our Nintendo Wii. Haha:) Joe was going to take scuba lessons but wasn’t able to because the class was full so he ended up getting the new game system. We’ve been boxing and bowling all night with our guests! Haha!

Additional, SUPER exciting news! My dear friend Syed (old BRL buddy!!!) called me tonight to break the news that he and his wife are expecting a baby in September! I am so excited and happy for them!

Off to hang out the rest of the night, and will be getting up early and headed for the airport at 4am! Oy!

One thought on “Wii would like to play.

  1. okay..this isnt really about this article as u will.. i was just saying hey..and i forgot what i was actually going to tell u…:/ lol. so i will just have to tell u later..lol ttyl ❤

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