Lazy "spring" weekends…

Not much is really going on here, honestly. And I feel horrible, because I have been trying to come up with something to write about. I must be suffering a case of writers block, I’m afraid.

So much has gone on in the past week and a half, including me chopping my hair off, starting a new job (SUPER excited about that), and more or less hanging out with the main man in my life…

And yet? I still haven’t updated here. Ah well…must just be enjoying my lazy days too much:) The weather here is beautiful, but much more like a mild summer day, than early spring. JW and I ventured out this morning for a long stroll, and had a run-in with the neighborhood Daschund-cum-Doberman. He thinks he’s feirce. Haha:) But apparently loves his dinner, as his poor legs buckle under the weight of his ENORMOUS stomach, which I’m sure suffers roadrash on occasion.

Sydney’s growling aside, it was pretty uneventful (accept for the ‘anaconda’ hiding in the low-lying swampy shrubbery on the outskirts of the neighborhood, haha)…got to LOVE being outdoors!

Anyways, off to WalMart to pick up some TP, rubber bands, and FeBreeze…and then back home to work on cleaning! We are going to be meeting Grandma and Grandpa B for dinner later in the week (on their way back up to MI), and on the off chance that they swing by the house…I would like to have it clean:)

That, and we don’t have any more clean socks!


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