Je suis un ananas…

Happy April Fools day:) For those of you who were scared, that I have by chance morphed into a tropical fruit…non…Je ne suis pas un ananas….

Okay, enough french:) The past couple of days have been loads of fun! We got a visit from Joe’s grandma and grandpa B. It was so nice to be able to visit with them! While Joe and his grandpa were chatting about the T34, gram and I headed to Bells to go some shopping. It was there that we got into a huge discussion regarding the massive amounts of pineapple decor that Florida has to offer! Just as we were laughing about it, I found a large (3 foot tall) stuffed pineapple pillow! I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so hard:)

We went out to dinner with them at one of our favorites, La Hacienda and had a wonderful time catching up and chatting the night away over unlimited chips and salsa!

The Easter Bunny gig was fun for JW, I unfortunately had to work – so I missed out on the whole thing! BUT, I will be hunting down pics as soon as possible;) Okay! Off to walk off those chips and salsa (and save Koli from being attacked by the amazing air mattress foot pump)! Thanks to Joe and Brian harassing her:)

One thought on “Je suis un ananas…

  1. Hey, if you like la hacienda, you should definietely try Casa Ole on Olive Road. The food is just as good, but the atmoshere is really nice, too. There are lots of nice murals everywhere.


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