The Art of Discarding.

Being the self-proclaimed “pack rat” that I am, I have recently been amazed at how freeing it is to actually throw away items that I know I only have a 15-25 percent chance of using in the future. Haha. There is a method to my madness believe it or not.

Upon swearing to love and uphold the Marine Corps lifestyle some 3 months ago (as part of the deal of getting my wonderful husband) I have had to ‘cut down’ on items that otherwise would have to be packed-moved-unpacked-sitting-and-taking-up-space many times over. Fueling my desire was the number of moves that I have been involved in over the last 2 years (7 and counting…ahem).

Honestly, we left SO much stuff back in MI, and then today while doing laundry and the like, I threw out close to two bags of stuff I knew that most likely we were never going to use again. It felt so nice to be done with it. Not to worry, most of the things that are salvageable go to Goodwill. However, the bed linens that I’ve had for 7 years are now gone…haha:) And it honestly feels wonderful!

Okay, off to make the bed with our new sheets (hopefully they’ve started to wear down and get soft…who knew that 1000 count sheets started out like cardboard???). And finish dinner:) The domestic godess in me is absolutely beaming:) Not to mention cut the pink carnations and put them in the silver vase on our dresser.

Freshly made bed? Dinner ready and on the table? AND flowers??? Joe’s not going to know what to do with himself when he gets home!!! (Well…in all honesty I’m probably going to be the only one who cares about the flowers…)

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