Fat and Happy:)

I officially had a date tonight:) Haha! My wonderful husband suggested a few days ago that we go out for a date. True to form, however, we were both too tired to actually go out until tonight!

I must say, however, that I am SO happy that we chose to wait until tonight! I only had to work for a couple of hours this afternoon, and after my long walk this morning, I felt good and ready to stuff my face!

So after much primping and prepping (we got some studies in first, and I SHAVED MY LEGS, as well as curled my hair, and Joe got dressed up in civilian clothing…after much complaining about how horrible and messy it felt in comparison to the Marine standards) we headed out to Bonefish.

It was so nice to be able to sit and be served at a really nice restaurant with my handsome hubby. We chatted and laughed about an array of things from the phenomenon known as Speed Dating to baby Jack.

After a crabcake appetizer, salad, and pistachio crusted rainbow trout with butter cream sauce (with artichoke hearts), and wood grilled shrimp and scallops with lemon basil sauce (as well as an absolutely delicious pomegranate martini), we were fat and happy:) Had the night been a little warmer, we would have rounded out the romance by going to the carnival at University Mall (nothing like jumbo stuffed animals a Ferris Wheel at night to up the ‘aww’ factor:) but alas…we’ve become pansy Floridians and the 50 degree weather was a little nippy for my skirt and thin ‘summer weight’ sweater:)

So we made the trip back to Pace with the promise that we would find an awesome recipe and try Bananas Foster next weekend (as our stomachs had no more room for dessert).

And on a side note…happy belated Birthday Jack! How wonderful that you were born on Good Friday:) Can’t wait to meet you!


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