She sells seashells, by the sea shore…

A seashell. After 6 years of housing artistic ability in the most dormant manner, I choose to celebrate my brush with a feeling resembing desire to draw by drawing a seashell. WTF.

And it wasn’t that good. By the way.

You know, in case anyone was wondering.

SO, last night was such a great time! Hartman’s was scheduled to work the Operazzi Charity Ball last night, and I was able to go!!! It was a lot of fun, especially since it was a masquerade. So I got to meet a lot of the ‘big-wigs’ of the greater Pensacola area:)

Best part of the night, however, were the favors! Every place setting had a little gift bag of lavender scented fare. It was SO wonderful:)

Not much is going on here…just watching UFC tonight, grilled some hamburgers (thanks to Le Master de la Grille), and made some strawberry short cake (thanks to WalMart having berries on sale!!!).

Hope all is going well with everyone:) Next up? Mastering the human face…then moving to oils??? Haha.


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