…surely, the candle that burns so bright, cannot burn for long…

Sure. Life in this post-911 world has made all of us well too aware of the horrors that life can bring. We are bombarded by clips of tragedy, and the clever sound-bytes that are designed to bring hope en masse. Actions, as they always have, speak much louder than any tear-inducing rhetoric, and I am saddened by not only this most recent tragedy, but by the subsequent lack of coverage and understanding displayed by our media.

The fact of the matter is, we lost one of our best yesterday. Plain and simple. A Blue Angel, by design, is not only a model of a near perfect aviator, be they Sailor or Marine, but that of a citizen. A hero. A standard in which all Americans should reach for. Their shows are far more than entertainment, or a display of military savvy. They are a demonstration of hope. A show of physical greatness and masterful creativity, drive. With a dash of insanity…the bold-faced audacity to push the limits past things that are ‘safe’ and question the unknown. To take the chance for greatness.

A beautiful representation of what America is at it’s best.

My heart goes to his family. Their broken hearts, who were previously filled with that obnoxious combination of fear and pride for their husband, their brother, their child. That painful love, that is as intoxicating as it is crushing. It is a blessed few that know it, who can handle it.

It takes nothing to ‘remember’ what the media will not let us forget. It is, however, the true patriots, the true hearts, and the true representatives of that brotherhood that remember and feel the pain of their lost comrade despite the years and happier times. It is the true men who stay and circle over their fallen, wishing that it could have been them in their place.

And those at home that feel that pain in their souls, knowing the heaviness and inability to breath.

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