A glass of Yellow Tail Shiraz…

and some rambling thoughts;)

Now that April is drawing to a close, I have come to the conclusion, that I don’t not update this blog NEARLY enough. I apologize for my lack of enthusiasm (and life) when it comes to detailing everything for our fan base:) Haha.

But really. What would I write? I went to work today. Then went home.

Although, I am so excited about work right now! Allison has decided to promote me to “wedding guru”. Haha:) I will be in charge of all things wedding related at the studio! Yeah! Tomorrow, I will be putting together folders and whatnot and presenting a package to both she and Daniel. It should be fun!

Speaking of weddings. Our dear friends Matt and Chrissy just got engaged this weekend! We are SO excited for them:) They were up in MD for a wedding this weekend, and Matt popped the big question then! It totally took Chrissy by surprise! And, I am happy to announce, that I no longer have to be careful about EVERYTHING I say around her anymore! As Brian, Joe, and I have known about this whole thing for the last month and a half!

She couldn’t wipe the smile off her face if she wanted to:) I am so happy for both of them! We went out to dinner tonight, and I ran out into ‘town’ and grabbed her her “official” first brides magazine. I believe it was an In Style Weddings. Which, BTW, were my favorite through my engagement! Here’s to hoping that they just hurry up and get married before all of the stress and drama starts in! Which, is the plan, BTW. And not to complain…for Joe and I didn’t have too much drama…but OH the stress was enough to make us want to elope!

Haha:) Well, ladies and gents. My Shiraz is almost done, and I have a boy to quiz on something or other flight related:) ELPs or something of the sort. (Don’t ask, I don’t know. Although…I could ‘win’ a Lazaro dress by the end of the night if I can relay the landing checklist to him. “…Harness, LOCKED…LOCKED, both cockpits. Gear, 3 DOWN AND LOCKED…DOWN AND LOCKED, both cockpits, Brakes, PUMPED…FIRM, Parking Brake, OFF…Instruments, CHECKED…Landing lights, ON…Flaps, DOWN. Gear DOWN, Flaps, DOWN…Landing Checklist complete…” OH, Lazaro Dress #3726, I can just feel your black iridescent taffeta and tulle brushing against my knee with your fluted skirt and ribbon accent…)

And Mom W, I know that you are probably THE only person who regularly checks this…I am SO sorry for not getting back to you sooner with regards to your emails! They always make me smile though:) It was SO wonderful talking with you today, and I will be getting those pics together ASAP.

Not that we haven’t procrastinated enough:)


One thought on “A glass of Yellow Tail Shiraz…

  1. I love the dress! Make sure the boy takes you someplace REALLY NICE so you can show it off !!

    Love to you both!

    Mom W.

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