Quick Prayers Needed!

So much to write about, and so little time. First off. One of my friends, Lacey, is in the hospital. Last night she fell in the shower, knocking herself unconsious, and apparently almost drowned. She’s been in and out of consiousness, and according to her husband (via Stephanie) is having some memory problems. Please please send up a quick prayer/good thoughts…anything. This is so horrible, and I hope that she wakes up really soon and is like “Oh my God, you wouldn’t believe what happened…seriously”. Hopefully we aren’t too busy at the studio this afternoon, and I will be able to go with Steph to the hospital. (But since I’ve been gone for over a week, I don’t know that this is going to materialize).

Got back from Michigan on Saturday and met this really handsome man at the airport with flowers in hand:) Clean shave, and a full head of hair (he shaved it all on Sunday, and he says that he was just too lazy to part with it…but I know that he knows that I LOVE his hair)…a late dinner was in order! And after leaving our waitress a ridiculously good tip (she was really on top of things though) we went home and cracked open our bottle of champagne from Tamara.

And though we’d been waiting until a special time…we figured life was too short, and toasting to ‘just because’ was so much more romantic.

Today is Joe’s solo…so additional prayers there…PLEASE! I know that he’s going to do a wonderful job! But I am a little nervous, still:)

Okay…off to get dressed then into work! Hope everyone has a wonderful day! Will post more about MI trip soon!


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