Quick update:)

So everything seems to be well with Lacey. I haven’t actually talked with her, but Stephanie said that she may be coming home tonight (or first thing in the morning). So that’s great:)

Additionally, JW did awesome in his flight, scoring above Miff (however you spell it…), and I surprised him with Little Cesar’s, a Chocolate Bavarian Cream cake, and a set of water guns (which he has been breaking in tonight…terrorizing Koli and such). On a side note, I managed a sweet tuck and roll across the living room with stolen (and much coveted) large soaker. Haha:) Joe didn’t stand a chance with his puny hand pistols. Our landlords are going to hate us.

No rest for the weary, however, as he has his first aerobatic flight first thing in the morning.

Talked with Mom J and Dad W tonight:) Catching up with everyone is always a wonderful time! My mom lectured me about putting rubberized footie’s in our shower (she has a hard time turning the ‘mom’ off), and Dad W relayed a sweet story about the mut. Awww…I kind of miss the silly boy.

Good day all in all! Here’s to a better one tomorrow!

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