Crossfit…and all thing miscellaneous…

Today is a rough day for me. If for no other reason than yesterday was so wonderful! Brain’s fiance, Nicole is here visiting for the long weekend. And we’ve been all hanging out and being complete lazy bums for the last couple of days.

Well…not totally true.

I got introduced to crossfit early yesterday afternoon (picture: Nicole, Brian, Joe, and I all in the back yard doing this workout), and while the verdict right after the 20 minute workout was that I felt okay, but not like I had just kicked my ass by any means…this morning proved to be another story.

My ass hurts. A lot. My shoulders and abs hurt as well…by the way.

Following our work out we headed to the beach, and if my slightly pink shoulders are any indication, soaked up our share of sun. And even though it was a red flag day, and we weren’t able to go out more than waist deep without getting the whistles blown at us, we managed to have quite a bit of fun. The only down side being that this weekend was gay/lesbian pride or whatever…and even though I could care less either way, we heard more than our fair share of drunken rampages about how many of them ‘came out’ to their familes…

That’s nice. Heh.

To round out the night we headed to McGuire’s and capped everything off at Seville Quarter. Today is proving to be fairly laid back, considering our 11am wake-up, and bumming around style. In fact the most productive thing we’ve accomplished today was watching Pirates of the Carribean, making breakfast, and getting to level 40 on our new Wii game:) Well…that and picking up our car. Since we were very responsible last night and cabbed all the way back to Pace.


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