Clear nail polish…the duct tape of…well…nail enamel…

Happy Memorial day everyone! I hope that you all took time out of your busy schedules (filled with shopping and warm weather basking), to at least acknowledge who and what this day is all about. My super hot, and very much a sweetheart reason for acknowledging this day was ever so awesome in putting up with my sick ass (back rubs and fluids galore) and spent today going between studies and kitchen runs for yours truly.

Well…only partly true. I managed to return from the land of the dead around noon, feeling hundreds better, and deciding that it would be a lot better for me to spread my germs to the general public rather than between Joe, Brian, and Nicole (who headed home today).

Well, that and I was unbelievably bored laying in the same place, not being able to get comfortable enough to do much of anything but toss and turn. SO, off to the sales I went, with my good friend Stephanie.

Today ended up being so much fun! This is really the first time Steph and I have been able to hang out together in a long time, and we ended up filling our day with mall activities. Trying on diamonds is always a good time, as is playing with puppies, sampling the spread at Bath and Body Works, getting pedicures (yay summer!!!), and being told that I wasn’t going to leave the salon without getting my eyebrows waxed…

…I believe the conversation went something like:

“You need eyebrow???”
“No, thanks though, I’ll get around to doing them myself.”
“No, you need eyebrow, we do for you.”
“Oh that’s okay, I can do them” (And, PS, I really CAN)
“You no understand, you need eyebrow, we do for you…you no leave here with dem eyebrow…we do.”

ahem…I had no idea I was SO hideous looking:) Haha, but they did an amazing job!!! And you can bet your ass I will be back in 6 weeks:)

Insulting, yes. But very good, nonetheless.

And then off to pick up new toe rings for our newly polished-buffed-&-summer-ready kicks. After employing a trick I learned long ago (any ring that fits on your pinkie finger fits your 3 middle toes) back when I wore toe rings on a semi-regular basis (I believe it was the summer of 8th grade), I learned that a coat of nail polish will aid in keeping my three dollar pinkie/toe ring in tip top shape and my skin from being green:) Haha.

After a relaxing dinner at Panara, and lots of gossip to share, we headed out promising to do this again shortly. And just in the nick of time…as the Cinderella hour hit for me, and I had to get on the phone just to stay awake for the 20 minute car ride home.

But all’s well (and that damn Armadillo survived his near run in with my little Chevy Malibu…while my organic mint green tea did not…ahem) and I got to catch up with my mom and dad, which is always nice:)

And here: just to reinforce why Joe and I aren’t having kids any time soon…

this, from my trip home a week and a half ago:)

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