Happy 4th of July:)

The Patriot that I am (and I am sure many of you are uttering a heavy sigh accompanied by a roll of the eyes…thinking “okay, here we go again…more politics, Nichole you picked the wrong damn field of study”), I can’t help but absolutely LOVE the fourth of July…nearly as much as I love Christmas!

It’s not the fireworks that really get me (although, they help), but rather the bon fires, the bbqs, and being amazed at just how lucky all of us are to be American. Just how lucky and blessed we all are to be free.

So in honor of this: I’ve compiled a list of some of my favorite American History (circa Revolutionary War…most, anyways) facts in attempt to bore all of you to sleep:) Haha! It’s okay, I understand that not everyone is in love with historical government and Thomas Jefferson.

Speaking of:
Jefferson, the primary author of the Declaration of Independence (which was an act of the 2nd continental congress), was only 33 at the time he penned the DOI.

The themes of DOI, including the ideas of self liberty, personal freedom, and independence came from the writings of John Locke and were deeply affected by republicanism (modern-day Libertarianism is closest…in my opinion).

John Hancock, the most prevalent of the names signed on the document, purposely signed his name so large so that George III could read it without his spectacles.

Ben Franklin actually wrote the original DOI, but it didn’t go off as well with the congress…so Jefferson rewrote and Franklin edited.

In 1776, Americans actually had the highest standard of living, with the lowest taxes compared to the rest of the world.

Following his loss to Americans, King George almost abdicated the throne.

Okay, I’m done:) Everyone have a wonderful 4th, and be safe with all of your sparklers!!!


One thought on “Happy 4th of July:)

  1. Great post! I loved it! Also amazing…July 4th wasn’t even made a federal holiday until the 1940’s! Crazy huh!?

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