1st Lt. and Mrs. Weakley…

Hey guys:) As you can probably tell from my lack of updating, things in our lives have been surprisingly busy as of late. I am excited to announce that JW is officially being promoted to 1st Lt. this afternoon (which, I am missing…bah-humbug). Yay:)

I am totally excited for him. He, on the other hand doesn’t think it’s that big of a deal…stating “yeah, I got through 2 years without them kicking me out”:) Haha. It’s okay though, I have festivities planned for tonight (surprise) including dinner at a new restaurant, and a flashy new camera that he’s been eying for some time (I’m not the only one who wants a camera…my taste however is a little more expensive…ahem).

SO – which leads me to the conclusion of YAY, we are finally going to have many more pictures to share with you guys!!!


One thought on “1st Lt. and Mrs. Weakley…

  1. Congrats on the promotion! I remember mine to 1LT…I think it was in 2000. I was promoted in my motor pool in front of my entire Battalion. (Now I feel old.) The pay only keeps increasing so now you can really say YEY! Especally when he hits CPT. :>)

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