I wonder just how many people are out buying lottery tickets?

Happy 7-7-07 today:) I hope that everyone has an absolutely wonderful day!

I’ve been an early bird the last couple of days, and have woken up and had to wait for the rest of the world (and the sun) to rise with me. This morning I was thinking about how I used to do the same thing when I was younger. We never had air conditioning growing up, and so the house would always get SO hot. I believe I spent most of summer parked in front of a fan…

…but I used to get up SO early in the morning, go downstairs and just enjoy the quite house. I would put a fan in an open window and sit at the dining room table and watch the field behind our house, and regret when the sky would change from that dusky purple to bright blue.

This morning I woke up, got some toast, and turned on our fan. And while we DO have air conditioning, it was really nice to sit and think. About nothing really, but when the day is filled with noise and being too busy to function…these early morning quiet moments are nice:) Followed by afternoon naps! Haha:)

SO excited though. I have been working out a lot recently, and am happy to announce that I have dropped 4 pounds in the last week. Just by eating all day (healthy stuff) and working out 4-5 times/week.

Speaking of, I should get a move on regarding my day! I need to get a work out in, wash our beach towels, and head to Destin this afternoon (water park)…will take pictures, I PROMISE:) Here’s to 5 for next week!!!

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