Well…it’s here.

Move day. I have to be to campus pronto (at least by this afternoon) and am not at ALL happy about it. Sure, this is an awesome opportunity, and I know that all of this sacrifice will only make Joe and I stronger (and better people more able to help others and our future children…blah blah blah). But it still sucks that we’re not doing it together.

Okay. Enough pity-party for me:) Joe selects this week, and classes for me start on Wednesday. Any good thoughts or prayers would be greatly welcomed this week as we adjust and wait anxiously to see where Joe is going!!!


Ps. I love you baby:) And miss you so much!!!

One thought on “Well…it’s here.

  1. My thoughts are with you guys! It wont be easy, and it will suck, but you guys are awesome!!! How long is your program? Just remember however long, it isn’t forever. Probably not what you want to hear right now…but it is what it is. I feel for ya! :>)

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